Faux Airplant & Greenery Tray
Faux Airplant & Greenery Tray

Faux Airplant & Greenery Tray

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Love this faux display, perfect for your dining room, kitchen table or a too bright windowsill.

Bring some greenery to your bathroom, fabulous for a dark room or if you are a traveller away from home. Value for money as they'll last forever and just need a little dust or a blast with the hairdryer to keep these dust free!.

Why choose faux plants? They are great for allergy sufferers or for those with pets who'd be at risk of chewing on the real versions. They're also fabulous for darker rooms or if you are away a lot so can't be there to water them. They're also great for your pocket - though they may be a little more expensive at first, they'll last a lifetime!

Size: H23 x W70 x D35cm